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Making Education System World's Better

Ax Care allows school, College, Institute to host, administer, create, deliver, manage, track, and report in all the instruction, training and development activities carried out for students, staff, parent and vehicle. Using Ax Care, school management has a systematic and easy approach towards maintaining and updating the different aspects of their institute. Ax Care empowers the teacher and administration with the tools to help student achieve success.

  • Ax Care makes easy “anytime, anywhere” access to education management and administration.
  • Ax Care empowers the teacher and administration with the tools to help student achieve success.

Smart Employees


At Ax, we are here to help you with easy and best solutions to grow your business by gaining top level experience.

We include a highly-skilled and dedicated professional team to ensure your experience in our company to serve complete success. Bring your apps to market on time and on budget which will be just the beginning. Each one of you has a story, each story has lessons learned and each lesson has a value that can be applied to the next upbringing.

  • Incorporated in 2nd July 2019.
  • Our service line primarily includes Education Management System (known as Ax-Care), e-Communication System and World Class Security Management System for the Education World.
  • At Ax Family, We see the vision'Internet Of Things ' that has motivated us from the moment Ax was created

Integrate Every Aspect of Patient Care with e-Swasthya

To change the environment of the health line from converting the process of filling of forms by standing in a huge line to taking the appointments online. Believe us and keep your hand on this latest technology which we are going to launch. We are passionate about Technology and we are passionate about Healthcare. e-Swasthya is a Mobile and web based system that facilitates managing the functioning of the hospital or any medical set up. e-Swasthya fundamentally changes how you manage your Clinic/Hospitals/Blood Bank/Pharmacy/Pathology. With us, you get a fully integrated healthcare management suite delivered on a cloud-based platform providing you a robust, secure and available solution for your needs.

Aximo e-Swasthya is the New-Age Hospital Management Information System, designed and developed in house. It is designed to equip hospitals to overcome current and future challenges through tangible results.Built with valuable inputs from across the healthcare value chain, including, clinicians, process consultants, nurses, pharmacists, and information technologists, e-Swasthya enables you to significantly improve quality of care, while reducing costs.

Why e-Swasthya?

  • Healthcare industry best practices embedded in the SAP Solution.
  • Accumulated business experience build-in the Hospital Management System
  • Better patient treatment with full tracing capabilities of the whole patient medical history Common Electronic Patient Record functionality for all hospitals
  • New capabilities of using common facilities for all hospital (common PACS infrastructure, centralization of Laboratory facilities, etc.)
  • Patient Administration (admission, ward management, discharge, billing, payment)
  • Central automated processes for purchasing and stock replenishme
  • Pharmacy Administration
  • Unified working experience for all users-functional areas across Hospitals: Ward management, Outpatients processing, etc.
  • Pricing based on the sophisticated SAP pricing (if we can describe, we can implement) Support for Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) billing
  • Flexibility to implement different and complicated marketing/ commercial strategies Flexibility to develop marketing strategies at group level (and not only hospital level) Support for new marketing ideas (Healthcare Card, “Fly and get a check-up” etc.)
  • Open platform ready to support Healthcare Portals for building new channels of communication with the patients (Bedside terminals, appointment management, medical records etc.)
  • Multi Language, multi-Currency, multi culture system ready to hospital medical tourists
  • Hospital Information System helps in maintaining a totally secured database of Patients and business information. This information can be available at your fingertips
  • Hospital Information System helps in improved healthcare delivery by providing medical personnel with better data access, faster data retrieval, higher quality data and more versatility in data display.
  • Hospital Information System helps in improving efficiency, both on the cost and the clinical care perspective. This is achieved by avoiding duplications, repetitions, delays, missing records and confusions
  • Hospital Information System helps to force orderliness and standardization of the patient records and procedures in the clinic and increasing accuracy & completeness of medical records of Patient
  • Hospital Information System helps as a good managerial tool to provide total, cost-effective access to complete and more accurate patient care data to offer improved performance and enhanced functions
  • Hospital Information System helps in gathering information to meet management challenges
  • Hospital Information System helps to educate patients about their diseases of surgical procedures through pictures and animations
  • Flexible application for calculation and administration of Doctor Fees
  • Submissions to Public and Private Insurance Providers
  • Paperless hospital realization
  • “Protection against catastrophic financial burden in case of unexpected illness or injury”

Ai Based Ax-Smart Village City solutions

Ax Smart Village/City Project helps state’s government in addressing issue related state/city/village, making cities or village smarter and thereby reduce operation expenses, effective assets management, enable a better quality of life and lead to country’s economic growth. Our services offering includes:
  • Smart Parking Solutions: Innovative cost-effective parking solutions using next generation technology like AI (Sensor), IOT to provide real-time information to command center.
  • Smart Waste Management: AI and digital based smart bins with automatic messaging for bin status and pick-up. (Technology: AI, IOT)
  • End-to-end transportation solution for route optimization, vehicle tracking, dispatching, parking area management and fuel consumption optimization.
  • Smart Transportation: End-to-end transportation solution for route optimization, vehicle tracking, dispatching, parking area management and fuel consumption optimization.
  • Smart Campus: Indoor navigation to find place of interest, optimal routes and emergency exits. (Technology: GIS/GPS enable; IOT)
  • Smart Water: Water distribution and monitoring through IOT ecosystem and data analyst.
  • Smart Healthcare Solutions : AI based patient information management system