Aximo Terms and conditions

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Aximo Terms and conditions


Our website and the data's, technologies, as well as components stored under it (Aximo infotech site), was not authorized to, and aren't even meant for allocation to, or employed by, any individual or organization who is a legal resident or citizen of, or situated in, any jurisdiction hereby the allocation, publication, accessibility, or employ would've been unacceptable to legal statute, or where Aximo infotech Private Limited or its affiliated companies would be subject to these kinds of Legal statue. This website is updated and revised on a regular basis. Components can only be deemed recent as of the date of their first appearance on the site, regardless of when you access the data. Aximo infotech Pvt ltd. Reserves the authority to remove or alter data on this Site at any time without any advance notice. Previous financial achievements should also not be interpreted as a sign or assurance of future results. Also, neither a representation nor a commitment explicitly or implicitly is made about future outcomes.

Limited License

Pursuant to the terms and conditions defined in this Agreement, Aximo infotech Pvt ltd would accord a non-transferable, non-exclusive, limited authority to allow this website and the information included therein.

So, you acknowledge and accept that:

  1. Accessibility to this website and the data included hereby is not illegal within the relevant jurisdiction laws wherein I live and from which I am browsing this site.
  2. The data available on this site ( doesn't at all represent any kind of solicitation of an offer or an agreement to sell any of the Aximo infotech Pvt ltd securities.
  3. The data here on this site is not intended and should not be considered advertising or a marketing solicitation of Aximo Infotech Pvt ltd stocks or even other sections mentioned herein.
  4. No financial regulatory agency or equivalent authority in any jurisdiction has evaluated, passed judgment on, or supported the data on this site or the attributes of the investments mentioned there. Any statement to the contrary might also be considered a violation of existing legislation.
  5. I will not distribute copies of documents and material on this website in any way (mainly, but not limited to, duplicating and emailing). I promise not to copy, distribute, retransmit, sell, disseminate, broadcast, sell, circulate or publish the information to any third parties.

You guarantee that you will not:

  • Disturb or strive to disturb the site's functionality in any kind of situation.
  • Enter or strive to trespass into the site in any situation.
  • Publish any defamatory, obscene, or bothersome information here on the site.
  • Hide any information that has already been put on the site, even this notice.
  • Employ the site or any of its information to intimidate, slander, irritate or otherwise bother others or infringe on their rights.

Aximo infotech grants you permission to download and access data( " Materials") from this website ("Site") exclusively for private and non-commercial purposes.

This permission does. Or constitute a grant of duplicates of the Materials or ownership of the Materials, but it is instead subjected to the following conditions:

  • All trademarks, copyright, and other proprietary information embodied in the Materials must be retained on all duplicates of the Materials downloaded; authorized.
  • Not alter the Materials in any case, nor display, copy, distribute, perform or employ them for any kind of commercial or public reason.
  • Not distribute the Materials with anyone else unless you notify them of the duties deriving from these terms and conditions of use, and they consent with it. You should agree to follow any additional restrictions that might be shown on the Site time and again. All the materials and this Site are secured and copyrighted under international laws and treaties. While using the Site, you guarantee to abide by all the international copyright laws and prohibit any unauthorized duplication of the Materials. Unless expressly stated hereby, Aximo infotech Pvt ltd doesn't at all offer you any implied or express rights within any trademarks, trade secret information, patents, and copyrights.

There might be typographical errors or omissions in the material, services, or information provided in or accessible through this site. The services/sites, as well as the data provided therein, are updated regularly. Aximo infotech Pvt ltd or/and its associated partners reserve the right to implement modification or/and improvements to the services/sites at any point. Recommendations obtained through this site must not be used to make legal, medical, financial decisions, or personal, as you must seek specialized recommendations customized to your case from an appropriate specialist.

You expressly undertake that Aximo infotech Pvt ltd is not liable for unauthorized accessibility to or modification of your data or broadcasts, any data communicated or material or received (or not received or sent), or any activities made through this site. You expressly acknowledge that Aximo infotech Pvt Ltd is not liable or accountable for any other party's defamatory, unlawful conduct or content, threatening or offensive, or any infringement of another's rights, including intellectual property rights. You expressly acknowledge that Aximo infotech Pvt ltd is not liable for any kind of third-party information supplied over and even included in this site.

In no such situation as Aximo infotech Pvt ltd and/or its vendors will be subjected to liability for any kind of punitive, consequential damages, direct, incidental, indirect, unique, or any other injuries, incorporating, without restriction, information or benefits, injury for loss of use, emerging out of or in any situation linked with the usage or productivity of this website, along with the inability or interruption to employ this services/sites or similar services, the allocation of or unable to give any of these services, and for any kind of data's, services, material or product gained via this site, or any other liability emerging out of the utilization of this site, either in negligence, tort, strict liability, contract, or indeed, although if Aximo infotech Pvt ltd or anyone of its vendors has even been notified with the risk of such injuries/damages. If you were unhappy with any aspect of these services/sites, or any of its rules of service, the only remedy to finish this unhappiness is that your only solution is to stop using it right away.

The above are governed by the laws of the Republic of India and the courts of Delhi, and any disagreement arising out of the usage of this site will be resolved exclusively by the judiciary of India.

We request you to kindly continue only if you freely and intentionally accept each and every term and condition described above.