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"Vidya Innovative Social Walfare Association Socity"
Incorporated in 2001, We has consistently attempted to interface you with the old technique for Ayurveda which has been experimentally end up being the most secure and best strategy for treatment everywhere on the world. Assembling, trading and advancing in excess of 300 varieties of ayurvedic prescriptions under the direction of experienced Ayurveda experts , we guarantees you the most secure treatment and is ensured with HACCP, HALAL, ISO and GMP , WHO-GMP Affirmations.

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e-SmartAcademy allows school to host, administer, create, deliver, manage, track, and report in all the instruction, training and development activities carried out for students, staff, parent and vehicle. It helps teachers to monitor student progress, administer homework and assignments and generate reports to plan instruction more carefully thereby improving student academic performance. Parents can oversee their child’s academic performance and receive regular communication from the school management about their wards progress.

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Design and development of mobile app assistance of pilgrims Mobile application to facilitate Work and process of person. Web portal for time planning and implementation of circulation plans. Efficient monitoring of process and personnel. Task, attendances and Reports are in very easy ways to Track. Each process hierarchy based ,planning, monitoring, Processing and follow-ups assistances. MIS Reports

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Isn't it true people still don't trust online shopping when it comes to undergarments? Well, that's true. Purchasing undergarments on the internet might be problematic and hectic. Since people love to do shopping online because they don't need to go to different stores to buy what they desire. But, this isn't the case when it comes to buying underwear. Purchasing women's innerwear on mobile applications, or websites might be difficult.

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Suppose it's late at night, and you're having a wonderful moment after a long time with your friends and family at home, suddenly you notice that your favorite bottle of whiskey runs out. Another problem! So, what would be your first step to get things done? You don't leave with any other option than rushing to the closest liquor store to get a new bottle or drop the plan. Right? Well, you wouldn't have faced the problem if you were having our mobile.

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x Smart Village/City Project helps state’s government in addressing issue related state/city/village, making cities or village smarter and thereby reduce operation expenses, effective assets management, enable a better quality of life and lead to country’s economic growth.Smart Parking Solutions: Innovative cost-effective parking solutions using next generation technology like AI, IOT to provide real-time information to command center.

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